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How do I change an attachment in my post? (Read 855 times)
Randy Ruller
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How do I change an attachment in my post?
Apr 30th, 2004 at 4:43pm
Q: I went to "Modify", but nothing pulls up for an attachment even though there is one.  So, I went back to the original message and opened the attachment, made the changes but it doesn't save them.

I've seen the message in help about not using () or &, and found that out once in a message, when it changed my word and put in a smiley.

What am I doing wrong?

A: Cheesy You’re not doing anything wrong. The YaBB doesn't allow you, a user, to "Modify" an attachment in one of your own posts.

The work around is to delete the post and reenter it.

I copy the text from the bad post before deleting it and paste it into the new one.

This all gets a bit screwy if someone else posts after your bad post because your new post ends up after the last reply, and of course out of sequence. In this instants your best bet is to modify your text in the first post to point to the new attachment in your new post using a link.
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